With individual needs in mind, care & support services are tailored to the client and family.

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Purpose & What You Can Expect

To guide the individual, family or professional to determine which resources, services and/or care home placement are appropriate to meet the needs, helping you to make the most effective and informed decision(s) regarding the plan for care.

In addition the Assessment will help:

  • To determine the bio-psycho-social factors impacting the client’s life situation
  • To determine the ability of the individual and/or his/her environment to cope with diminished capacities
  • To identify need for new arrangements or options to address diminished capacities or situations no longer effective for the individual or family.
  • Expose and highlight capacity and abilities to encourage clients and families(based on their historical standards of life quality and Activities of Daily Living)
  • Identify areas of diminished capacity and areas of need
  • Provide an objective overview of client abilities and needs for assistance
  • Provide a prioritized list of resources information/services to meet each identified need
  • Client, family, involved professionals all on same page-cohesive plan & support
  • Care Management team has a comprehensive knowledge of client, which will promote an effective plan of care and overall facilitation of services
  • Development of clear, timely, appropriate services or care plans with measurable objectives

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