Care Management

We will be there with you as needs change to help make sure you have everything in place necessary to remain as healthy and content as possible.

Freedom To Really Live Your Life

What is Care Management?

Care Management | Compass ShiningCare
We can handle all the details of care coordination, giving you and your family the peace of mind and freedom to live your lives as you wish.

  • Application & Set-up of Public and Private Agency Services
  • Care Planning and Care Coordination of Services
  • Medical Advocacy & Medical Care Coordination
  • Home Visits & On-going Needs Assessment
  • Care Giver Recruitment, Pre-Screening & Monitoring
  • Training & Coordination of Family and Friend Care Givers
  • Emergency Assist Planning & 24 Hour Emergency Support
  • Care Home Selection and Placement Services

We will be there with you as needs change to help make sure you have everything in place necessary to remain as healthy and content as possible, no matter what the circumstances.

Our professional care management team is qualified and always poised to identify any need and get an immediate solution in place to meet that need.

Whether it is a serious change of health condition requiring a new plan for care, something simple like a blown out light bulb, or anything in between; we will help identify the need and meet that need a.s.a.p. We are solution specialists and we are dedicated to making sure you have everything you need.

Our goal is to help make life as simple as possible, no matter what challenges arise. We are able to help you with whatever is needed to reduce stress and live a good life with ease.

We will stand by you with support, expert advice and professional assistance to handle whatever is needed.

Why Use Our Care Management Services?

An experienced, knowledgeable Care Manager who is familiar with chronic illnesses and the aging process will guide and assist you. A professional, objective assessment of needs is provided and viable options to meet those needs are presented. Serving as a source of information and support, your Care Manager will determine which services are needed, how to cost effectively set up services or assist with residential placement if needed.

With individual needs in mind, care and support services are tailored to the client and family. Your Care Manager will ensure that services are arranged appropriately and will monitor care services, making changes to the service plan as needs change.

Where others simply provide care, we build relationships and a network of support to enhance quality of life.

A trained professional is available around the clock to provide caring assistance in emergency situations.

Shining Care - Reputation For Excellence

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